Changing Your Name

It’s the 21st century, and you’d think that a bride choosing to keep her birth name or take her spouses’ name would be an easy decision! There are many choices – whether to take her loved ones surname fully, partially or selecting not at all. If a couple is planning on having children, then a family with one name makes things a bit easier, especially traveling with the children. However, if the bride has developed a name for herself professionally it may be more challenging to switch names mid-career. The good news is there are a range of choices to select from; she can keep her birth name for business purposes and married name personally; take the spouses surname and move her birth name to her middle name; or lastly hyphenate her birth name with his surname. Just remember that the act of getting married does not change the brides name… she must actively request a name change and provide proof of marriage for each government or business entity, in addition, remember to notify banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, doctors, cell phone carrier, health club, etc.

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