Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Party

He’s popped the question, you’ve told your parents, and now’s the time to tell your friends and decide who you want to support you down the aisle! Selecting a bridal party for your special day takes some thought. Here are a few guidelines to consider: (1) Don’t worry about matching with the groom’s side. Having those you love by your side is more important than symmetry; (2) Be sure that who you ask can afford the costs associated with the wedding (i.e., a bridesmaid dress, accessories, shower hosting/gifts, bachelor party, etc.); (3) Don’t feel you need to ask a friend who asked you to be in her wedding. Your relationship may have changed over the years, and current relationships are the ones you should consider. Finally, don’t be disappointed if one of your selections bows out. It’s better to know now than later!

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