Video, The Pros and Cons

Many of my couples ask me if having a videographer is worth it, and my answer is an overwhelming, “YES!” For some couples, it’s just not in the budget and photography comes first. And I agree with that, wedding photos will always be #1.  However, hiring a videographer provides a history of the wedding – a visual heirloom – that pictures are unable to capture. As you age, you’ll start to lose family members and friends, and the first thing you’ll forget is the sound of their voice and laughter. Their body language and fun gestures also fade from memory fast, and video can capture those memories forever. In a 2005 nationwide study that looked at brides’ attitudes about videography before after their weddings, less than 50% of brides listed videography as a Top 10 item of wedding priorities before their weddings. But after their weddings, that percentage changed to 79%! So if your budget allows, hire a professional videographer. You’ll be glad you did!

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